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The Boardwalk in Laramie, Wyoming features custom saddles, gun leather, custom leather work, tack, horse tack, scabbards, knife sheaths and western gifts


208 WS - The over the shoulder construction of this holser makes for a different look. Like with all our holsters you can choose the type of leather, and whether you want tooling or not. You can even choose the color of the hardware: brass or nickle or Montana Silver.

Set - $187.00
Shoulder Rig - $48.95

Tooled Holster - $139.95
Plain Holster- $129.95

Western Sets 209 and 210 are featured here to show you the double stitched and riveted construction of all our holosters and belts. Different leathers that we can construct our belts and holsers out of include latigo, light through dark oiled russet, chesnut, brown pigment, and even hair on hides.

209 Set - $365.95
210 Set - $325.00


176 KS - Plain or fancy? This basic knife sheath shows the double and stitched, welted and riveted construction. Here the edges have been dyed, and the belt loop is sewn and riveted. Knife can be secured by leather thong or loop and snap.

Knife Sheath - $80.95

181KS - Old time knife sheath with belt loop back.

Knife Sheath - $275.00

The options on our knife sheaths are endless. 175 KS is a hair on hide construction. 174 KS is basket stamped, as well as 173 KS. Different leathers are available: latigo, brown pigment, chesnut, and oiled russet to name just a few. Send us a picture of your knife; we'll make the sheath to fit. Sent us a picture of someone elses sheath; we'll match it.

175 Knife Sheath - $69.95
174 Knife Sheath - $89.95
173 Knife Sheath - $89.95


177 KS Dark chocolate fringe contrasts with a light oil on this sheath.

Knife Sheath - $95.95

178 KS Conchos and bloodknots and tooling accentuate this sheath.

Knife Sheath - $145.00

179 KS Accentuated with white whip stitches, diamond and circle spots.

Knife Sheath - $185.00


180 KS - Medium oil natural coloring is embelished with a decorative stitch, gold diamond and round spots.

Knife Sheath - $275.00

181 KS - The whip stitch, tooling and placement of the smaller diamond and circle spots give this knife sheath a slightly different look.

Knife Sheath - $275.00

182 KS - Simplicity and brown stitching along with a handle loop make this heavily oiled sheath beautiful.

Knife Sheath - $75.95


183 GS Oil and treated top grain harness leather gun scabbards are designed for carbines and brush guns. Scabbards feature strong nylon stitching and chrome or brass hardware. Optional fleece on all our scabbards.

Plain Carbine - $129.00
Tooled - $204.00

184 GS Heavy Duty Gun Scabbard with flap is designed to fit shot guns and bolt action and lever action rifles (with or without scopes). Your choice of chrome or brass hardware. Boarder stamping is optional on all of our products.

Scabbard - $230.00

185 GS - Heavy Duty Gun Scabbard with flap, corner basket tooling and 1 inch lettering. These tooling options are available on all of our handcrafted products.

Scabbard - $230.00
Name - $45.95


185 AB - Cartridge belts are crafted to your needs. Combination styles are possible: storage for one or more cartridges, cartridge/shell loop, and perhaps a holster or a knie sheath. We will acccommodate your needs.

Ammo Belt - $495.00

186 AB - Dark chocolate brown double loop belt can be ordered to fit your ammunition size. Made from top grain leather and stitched with tough nylon thread, these ammunition belts are built to endure a lifetime of use. Chrome or gold hardware is optional. Need a holseter option? No problem.

Ammo Belt - $195.00

187 AB - The Boardwalk's lightly oiled cartidge belts are available in various riffle and pistol calibers. The handgun caliber belts are available with centered loops for either left or right handed shooters. Need a particular width? No problem.

Ammo Belt - $165.00


188 AB - The Boardwalk cartrige belts come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This one is double stitched and dyed a dark brown. Perhaps you want your belt tooled. Perhaps you want your belt to hold a knife sheath or a holster. Either way, we've got you covered.

Ammo Belt - $425.00

189 WS - Our cowboy collection lets you mix and match and custom design your own western set. This Western Holster is based on authentic designs worn in the Old West. The holster is hand formed to fit most large frame single action revolvers and features a wide skirt whose tooling matches the cowboy belt.

Belt - $125.00

190 WS - Double hung belts with cartrigge loops can be tooled to your preference. The floral design on this belt can be replaced with a basket weave or an acorn or maple leaf design.

Double Belt - $425.00
Single Belt - $395.00


191 WS - Cowboy belts are made to order here at the Boardwalk. Tooling, double or single stitching, color, as well as hair inlay options allow us to make you the perfect cowboy belt.

Belt - $179.00

192 WS - Hair inlays in this western drop belt , single loop holster add flavor and personality to this set. The double loop or single loop holster that matches this cowboy belt is made from top grain leather and stitched with tough nylon thread. If hide inlays aren't your thing, try silver conchos.

Belt - $250.00

193 WS - Double Buscadero Belts are made to endure many years of use and enjoyment. A full flower stamp accentuates the center bar cartridge loops. The matching single buckle holsters make for easy removal and a classic cowboy look. This belt is lined with double high sheriff style buckles.

Double Holster Set - $795.00


194 WS - The Western Drop Belt featured here with matching western holster is based on authentic designs worn in the Old West. In fact, this particular set was made for the National Sherriff's Museum when it was housed in Laramie. This western set has been embelished with a steer head gold on silver concho and stud surrounds. The single flower motif and basket weave are set off by the light oil color.

Holster - $215.00
Conchos - $3.25 each

195 WS - This chocolate brown Buscadero Belt is paired with a Frontier style holser and decorated with hair inlays. The Frontier holster is the hardiest of the bunch with a superior three ply construction. Available in right and left hand models. Leg tie down thong and hammer thong are included.

Holster / Belt - $450.00
Holster - $200.00

196 WS - This belt and holster set have been featured in the catalog already; we liked them so much, we decided to show you the entire piece. The buscadero belt has hairon inset accent pieces that match the western style holster. The double loop western holster can be made either right or left handed. If you would like conchos instead of stained center pieces, just let us know.

Holster / Belt - $450.00


197 WS - Another piece in our Western Set collection includes a beautifully tooled double loop style holster and belt. The basket stamp on this set covers the entire holster piece. It also accentuates the edges of the holster belt.

Holster - $185.95
Belt - $125.00

198 WS - This black double hung buscadero belt is set off with black and white hairon cut outs. Cartridge loops above each holser provide ammunition storage as well.

Single Holster - $450.00
Double Holster - $650.00

199 H - Frontier Style Belt Holster
Holster - $145.95

200 H - Slim Jim Style Holster
Holster - $99.00

201 H - Curved Belt Loop Hoster
Holster - $149.95

202 H - Hip Holster with retention strap.
holster - $125.00

203 KS - Frindged knife sheath color matched to hosters.
Knife Sheath - $69.00

These hosters provide exceptional versatility at a great price. Retention straps are an option on all our holsters and help properly position handguns. Handcrafted from top grain leather, these holsters ensure years of in-the-filed use.


204 WS - Curved loop holsters with a wide backing add flair to the Western Set collection. This hoslter fits most large frame single action revolvers and are made from top grain leather. Stamping is optional and can vary from boarder stamps, to barbed wire stamps, to intiricate floral designs. This set comes with a color matched plain hoster belt.

Holser - $185.95

205 WS - Curved loop hoster fits most large frame single action revolvers. Colors vary from light oil (pictured left) to dark oil (pictured right). This set comes with a color matched plain holster belt.

Lined Holster - $225.95
Unlined - $125.00

206 H - Do you like the dark oil on our top grain leather? The basic holster has boarder tooling and initial tooling as well. This holster can be embelished to your liking.

Lined Holster - $225.95
Unlined - $125.00


207 WS - This prized freature has floral tooling and Montal Silver studds, a Montana Silver stear headed concho with matching buckle set. We have a wide variety of conchos; you choose what you want. This set exemplifies just a few of the choices you have with custom hoslters from us.

Holster - $215.95
Belt - $215.00

205 WS - Curved loop holster fits most large frame single action revolvers. Colors vary from light oil (pictured on page 4) and dark oil (pictured here). This set comes with a color matched plain holster belt, matching tooling, and name stamping in the belt.

Holster - $185.95
Belt - $185.00

211 WS - Our Classic Western Set has been a favorite for many of our customers. The High Sheriff buckle and billet keeps the unlined drop belt complete with shell loops familiarly western. The holster has been tooled with a medium sized basket stamp; it's snap and loop closure helps the gun stay secure. The double and stitched, riveted construction finishes off the open plug design, and the medium oil is a great option for the russet leather.

Holster - $185.85
Belt - $165.00


212 WS - This western set is nicknamed THE CHEYENNE for some obvious reasons. The shell loops in the belt store extra amunition. The holster is able to accomodated most long pistols. The tooling is chosen to replicate an old timen' holster that one of our customers brought in.

Holster - $185.85
Belt - $175.00


Names - $2.00 Each
Ammo Loops - $3.75 Each
Nickel Conchos - $1.50
Silver Conchos - $3.25


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